Adrian de Hoog was born in the Netherlands, his family emigrating to Canada (Brandon, Manitoba) in 1957.

He was educated in the universities of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Oxford, obtaining a D.Phil from the latter in 1974 (in the History and Philosophy of Science). That same year he joined the Canadian Foreign Service.

During his thirty year career working as a diplomat for Canada, he had postings in countries as varied as Kenya and Germany and at various stages of his career contributed to Canada's international interest by working on issues such as development assistance, nuclear non-proliferation, the global environment, and international economic topics pursued in for a such as the OECD and the G 7.

As Canada's Consul-General in Berlin shortly after the Berlin wall came down he witnessed the enormous social, political, economic and cultural changes sweeping over a city which was always restless and a center of change.

It is the turbulent Berlin of the early 1990s which provides the backdrop for de Hoog's first novel, The Berlin Assignment.

De Hoog retired from foreign service in 2004 and is now pursuing a career as writer. He lives in Ottawa.